Studio B: Create. Your. Self

Our Collaborative Psychology, Fitness, and Nutrition Clinic


Because we are better together … I work to collaborate with a variety of health care practitioners and provide whole-person health care when needed.

Although I am an independent business owner, I work with a number of other health professionals in my office suite. If you are looking for increased health and wellness you may be interested in the services at Studio B.

Please know that you do not have to visit with any of my office mates to receive services from me. We are independent of each other, however, we work together to collaborate on patient care for those seeing more than one of us.

In addition, I like to collaborate with your health care providers to make sure we are helping meet your health goals effectively. I have a release of information form you may sign if you would like me to communicate with anyone about your care. If you do not want me to communicate with your providers you do not have to sign the form, it is not a condition of treatment and you may retain your right to privacy in your psychology care.

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