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Dealing with Depression

This 7-Day course teaches skills to deal with depression. Using a variety of treatment modalities we work on shifting your mindset and developing healthy behaviors for self-regulation, increased daily success, and creating a life to live for. 

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This program is designed with you in mind. When dealing with depression it can be hard to get motivated to do anything. So we’ve put together easy activities to get you out of bed and focused on your day. Then we regroup in the evening to review today and plan for tomorrow. Each day has a focus, meditation, movement practice, and meal plan designed with depression management in mind, the latest research on depression regulation, and cultivated from my years in psychology practice working with depression.

Join Us to Create a Life You Want and learn what holds you back from achieving it. Learn More …

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The Integration of Yoga and Psychology. Wisdom Informs, Science Explains.

Free Interview Series with Experts from the Field of Yoga and Psychology ~ Begins August 24, 2020

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The Integration of Yoga and Psychology. Wisdom Informs, Science Explains

Begins September 2020

Ever wonder why & how Yoga works? Modern Psychology has some of the science to explain the ancient wisdom Yoga has been saying for years. 

In this class, we will connect the dots between key Yoga philosophy topics and what recent research in the west has discovered. Understand the science behind mind-body health and the integration of ancient wisdom and modern psychology. 

Designed for you – Yoga teachers and mental health providers – walk away with some key tips to bring to your classes, clients and patients. Like how to read posture and behaviors to give your students / patients what they really need to create a shift. If you are a Yoga teacher, mental health provider or practitioner in the health and wellness world asking the question of WHY behind the transformative practice of Yoga … then this class is for you. 

Join us, and sign up for the live online class: The Integration of Yoga and Psychology … Wisdom Informs, Science Explains.

My Publications

My Current Project … Is the Book My Clients Keep Asking Me to Write. More on that as the process unfolds.


The Link Between Psychological Trauma and Physical Exercise: Understanding the Impacts of Psychological Trauma on Perception and Participation in Physical Exercise (Lambert Academic Publishing, 2015). On Amazon or  Check it out at MoreBooks.

Academic Articles: My Profile Here

Blending Disciplines. Using exercise science to explain somatic psychology. 2020 International Body Psychotherapy Journal. The Art and Science of Somatic Praxis, 19(1), 82-93

Impact Psychological Symptom Severity on Leisure Time Exercise Behavior and Perceived Benefits and Barriers to Physical Exercise. Dissertation Research. (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2014). Check it out on ProQuest.

Guest Posts & Featured Articles:

United States Association for Body Psychotherapy View Point Articles

Guest Post by Stacy Reuille-Dupont, PhD, LAC, USABP presentation, 2018

Movement That Heals. 5 Exercises to add into your psychology practice today.

This article will help in understanding and incorporating physical movement systems into psychological treatment. It is presented by Stacy Reuille-Dupont, PhD, LPC, CPFT

Movement facilitates the physical wiring and structure of being. Movement creates concrete manifestation of the abstract. The embodied experience becomes tangible. Even a thought or emotional experience is movement at the cellular level.

Video Training: Using the Body in Psychological Treatment Interventions – USABP Presentation 2018

Wellness Central Blog 

This Trick Will Help You Reclaim Your Joy. (February, 2020)

Guest article from

What is mental health? For many this question gets answered with the response of “not mental illness,” which is the way many people view health — a lack of illness. But a lack of illness isn’t a plethora of health. It’s just a lack of dysfunction or pathology. Health is more complicated. 

Mental health is about a balance between all the things we have going on in our lives. A balance between good stressors and rest, a balance between alone time and time with loved ones, a balance between doing and being. 

Many struggle with these balances. They have plenty going on in their lives but don’t have balance between the aspects of “have to dos” and “want to dos,” which leads to a sense of overwhelm and life becoming more burdensome rather than joyful and buoyant.  Read More Here